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Creating Head Turning Business Signs

If you’re looking to create a head-turning business sign for your business, color can be a big consideration. According to a ColorFast survey, 80 percent of consumers rated color as an important factor in brand recognition. For example, McDonald’s is known for its yellow golden arches and red background, and consumers are 62 to 90% more likely to recognize the company by color alone. Whether you’re looking to boost your sales or build customer loyalty, color is the first thing that people notice, and 80% of consumers assess brands by their colors alone.

The quality of your signage has a huge impact on brand recognition. In fact, 68% of American consumers make assumptions or decisions about a business based on its signage. And, more than half of those consumers have made a purchase decision because they were attracted to the sign. Without an adequate sign, however, they may not even get inside the store. Ultimately, this means your business is losing money. In addition, poor quality signage can make your customers think twice about whether or not your products are worthwhile.

When choosing your business signage, make sure to use the services of a professional business sign maker to ensure that you get something that’s unique and memorable. It should grab the attention of passersby and contain important information. It should be as specific as possible. For example, if your store is a convenience store, the best approach to identifying the customers’ needs and desires is to ask yourself, “What do I want my customers to know?”

When looking for a sign company to design your business signs, be sure to do some research first. First, research their reputations. Are they legitimate? Are they up to date on outstanding claims? Read online reviews and ask hard questions. When choosing a sign company, you want someone with a proven track record. If you’re hiring a company that does not have a good history, it may be wise to go with another option.