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Building a Lasting Impression: Outdoor Signs in Architecture & Real Estate

There is an old adage that states, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” That statement could not be more true. Those initial interactions, whether they happen in a business meeting, an interview, or during a coffee chat, set the tone for whatever is to come. Leaving a lasting impression with someone can be difficult, but it is possible with the right tools and tactics. One of the most effective ways to leave a positive last impression is with the way you exit an interaction. The small gestures and snippets of conversation that are the “good bye” are an opportunity to show the person you have a genuine interest in them as a human being.

Beyond a warm “good bye” there are many other things you can do to leave a lasting impression. The first is to develop a connection. Whether it is something that you have in common, or simply connecting with them on an emotional level, this will create a memory that lasts. Another way is to leave them with a sense of appreciation, which can be done through a simple thank you. Finally, follow up is key, as it will cement the impression in the mind of the customer. This is why many businesses send a confirmation and thank you email to their customers, regardless of whether it was an online purchase or in person interaction.

The final impression a company leaves can also be created by the way it advertises itself, including outdoor signs that promote its brand and products. The variety of sign types available makes it easy to find a solution that fits the needs and budget for any type of business.

There are a variety of ways to communicate your brand with outdoor signage, from pylon signs and billboards to window graphics and bus benches. It all depends on the type of space you have, and your communication strategy.

The materials used in outdoor signs are just as diverse. Aluminum is a powerful, versatile option for the base of any sign, as it comes in various thicknesses and can be used to build anything from temporary yard signs to sturdier post-and-panel signs. Acrylic sheets (more commonly known as Plexiglas) are a popular choice for the front of a sign due to its translucent nature that allows light to pass through. This is perfect for building a custom sign with a unique look and feel.

Monument signs are a great way to mark the entrance to hospitals, college campuses, business parks and residential communities. These signs often feature a unique design that is reflective of the surrounding architecture, and they help visitors to navigate their way through the complex. Fresno Sign Company, the #1 sign company in Fresno can design and install interior signage to expand your branded experience, which can further influence the type of behavior you want your community members to adopt. Contact us today for a free signage consultation.