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Advantages of Direct Mail Marketing & Advertising

Direct Mail has many advantages. For one, physical mail is able to be put in the pocket, the refrigerator, and even in private places, where it cannot be easily accessed. Another benefit is that consumers have less chance of being infected by digital ads, which can infect a computer or a home. In contrast, a digital advertisement can give away a free iPad. Additionally, direct mail is familiar and evokes a sense of trust among many consumers. Check out https://www.boiseprinting.net/direct-mail/ for more information and details.

Direct Mail Marketing Advertising

In addition to postcards, direct mail is also effective for business-to-business marketing. Often, business orders are higher-priced than those of consumers, and it can take several mailings to reach executives. A creative package can be a great way to get through to hard-to-reach executives. For the consumer, business-to-business direct mail can serve as a sales lead and reinforce personal selling efforts.

Another benefit of direct mail is its interactive nature. Prospects have a tendency to act on the first offers they see. The use of CTAs and coupons encourages them to click and purchase. The personal touch is also helpful – postcards with a special message can trigger nostalgic feelings, which increase the bond between the consumer and the business. However, businesses should not underestimate the power of direct mail as a marketing tool.

Postcards can be added to direct mail to encourage social sharing. For pennies more, you can add magnets that stick to fridges and remind recipients of your products. Alternatively, you can add post-it(r) notes, which cost only a few cents per piece and stay on the postcard through the mail. In addition to these, you can also add QR codes to encourage your prospect to visit your website or download your app.

One of the biggest advantages of direct mail is its ability to target your prospects. A well-targeted direct mail campaign matches recipients’ demographics to your products and services. For example, a product that is popular among male consumers may be targeted for a different offer. This means that the recipient’s address, age, and gender can be taken into account. If the recipient is old enough, they are more likely to be interested in your products.

Personalized direct mail offers are an excellent way to target consumers. For example, a postcard can encourage a follower to follow the brand’s social media accounts. A discount coupon or QR code can be used to promote online sales. If a recipient doesn’t have an account with the company, the mail will still be relevant. Besides, they’ll be more likely to open and read the email. So, a postcard will be more personal and more appealing than a standard piece of paper.